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Jessica Bogue
Ontario, Canada

"When I first decided to come to Kaohsiung, I said ... (read more)

Miriam Easterling
Minnesota, USA

"Upon finishing university, most people feel fortun... (read more)

Emily Gregory
British Columbia, Canada

"Living in Taiwan has been one of those experiences... (read more)

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Welcome to KNS Language Institute in Kaohsiung.  Thanks for visiting our website!  Here you’ll find comprehensive information on our school as well as details on living and teaching in Taiwan.  Visiting the various pages of the site will familiarize you with our staff and give you a good idea of how our school is set up.  Be sure to watch some of the many videos scattered throughout the site to get a first hand glimpse of what KNS Language Institute and the city of Kaohsiung have to offer.  Don’t forget to check out the Apply Now section for application dates and information on applying for a teaching position with our school.


Teaching English in Taiwan is an experience you will never forget. Immerse yourself in the culture, meet new friends, and take pride in the knowledge that your efforts are having a lasting impact on the students under your care. At KNS Language Institute, our mandate is to equip our students with the English skills that will enable them to broaden their own horizons for the present and far into the future. Join our teaching team and become a part of their adventure!


  • 英語潛能測試  親身上課體驗  預約中 !
    球場校: 3706565   七賢校: 2367779
    平等校: 3979565   裕誠校: 5580100
    明華校: 5561211   文信校: 5505611

  • KNS暑期閱讀班    (為期三週7/18~8/5)
    班級種類: Early Bookworm 初中級班
    上課時間: 星期一~星期五 14:00~16:30
    洽詢專線: 5505611

  • KNS暑期閱讀班    (為期三週7/18~8/5)
    班級種類: Caterpillar 中級班
    上課時間: 星期一,三,四 17:00~19:00
    洽詢專線: 5505611

  • KNS暑期閱讀班    (為期三週7/18~8/5)
    班級種類: Butterfly 中高級班
    上課時間: 星期二,三,五 19:10~21:10
    洽詢專線: 5505611

  • 暑期KK音標密集班 (為期三週7/18~8/5)
    適合對象: 升小六或國一
    上課時間: 星期一,四/二,五 17:00~19:00
    平等校: 3979565   文信校: 5505611

  • 球場校     兒童菁英班  B1c  招生中 !
    適合對象: 幼稚園大班~國小一,二年級
    上課時間: 星期一,三,四,五 14:00~16:30
    洽詢專線: 3706565

  • 七賢校     兒童菁英班  C1a  招生中 !
    適合對象: 國小三~五年級
    上課時間: 星期二,三,五 19:10~21:10
    洽詢專線: 2367779

  • 平等校     兒童菁英班  B1a  招生中 !
    適合對象: 幼稚園大班~國小一,二年級
    上課時間: 星期一,三,四,五 14:00~16:30
    洽詢專線: 3979565

  • 裕誠校     兒童菁英班  C1a  招生中 !
    適合對象: 國小三~五年級
    上課時間: 星期二,(三),五 17:00~19:00
    洽詢專線: 5580100

  • 明華校     兒童菁英班  C1b  招生中 !
    適合對象: 國小三~五年級
    上課時間: 星期一,(三),四 17:00~19:00
    洽詢專線: 5561211

  • 文信校     兒童菁英班  B1b  招生中 !
    適合對象: 幼稚園大班~國小一,二年級
    上課時間: 星期一,三,四,五 14:00~16:30
    洽詢專線: 5505611

  • 2016年劍橋英語認證考試日期
    考試類別: Starters, Movers, Flyers
    考試日期: 03月12日,  05月21日
                   05月28日,  11月05日

  • 2016年劍橋英語認證考試日期
    考試類別: KET, PET for Schools
    考試日期: 06月18日, 11月19日
    授權英語認證中心高雄辦事處: 5505611

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