About Us


Meet Kevin and Sofia, a dynamic husband and wife team with a shared passion for language education. Recognizing the transformative power of the English language, they embarked on a new adventure at the beginning of 1995, and started their own educational institute. Drawing upon Sofia’s experience in English tutoring early in her professional career, and Kevin’s interest in international diplomacy, their diverse background propelled  KNS from vision to reality. With their unwavering dedication to a refined educational system, Kevin and Sofia's vision quickly gained traction, with now 7 official campuses spanning across Kaohsiung city. 

Our Students

Taiwanese's learning culture is widely regarded for its deep-rooted respect and reverence for education. Education holds a prominent position in Taiwanese society, and students, along with their families, place great emphasis on academic achievements and intellectual growth. Students in KNS range from the 1st graders in elementary school all the way to 8th graders in middle school. 

Classes & Curriculum

The curriculum provided by KNS focuses on the general development of the four foundations of the English language, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. On top of the foundational education, our curriculum also targets learning objectives required for the Cambridge Examination Main Suite as well as the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT) assessed in Taiwan. Our class structure is captured in 3 main blocks: B classes (grades 1 through 2), C classes (grades 3 through 6), and our advanced courses.

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