Meet Our Team

Belinda Gao

Head Office Manager

Through her illustrious tenure of over 20 years, Belinda has been a keystone to KNS’s continued growth since the beginning of her career. Graduating from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages with a bachelor's degree in English literature, Belinda began her career in KNS during 2001, and swiftly established herself as a valuable asset to the institute. In recognition of her exceptional leadership skills thorough understanding of the institute’s operations, she was promoted to Branch Director at KNS5 in 2004.

During 2018, Belinda was then promoted to Head Office Manager, and has since been responsible for overseeing the institute’s day-to-day operations. As Head Office Manager, Belinda is responsible for approving staffing adjustment, curriculum revision, and other operations related items. The head office manager is a crucial role that ensures the institute operates at a smooth and efficient pace. 

Jenny Chiou

Accounting & Information Director

Jenny joined KNS during early 2010 as the Accounting and Information Director. She brings forth a wealth of expertise and knowledge in her diverse professional background. Graduating from Wenzao Ursuline University of Language with a bachelor’s degree in language focusing in English and French, Jenny began her professional career in business logistics, and would venture through information management, and ultimately join the ranks of KNS. With her notable career history in business management, Jenny has demonstrated her immense value through her highly regarded work ethic. Those in the institute that have worked with Jenny often commend her meticulous attention to detail, fast thinking, and kind heartedness.

As the Accounting and Information Director, Jenny is responsible for overseeing institution-wide accounting operations and management of staff payroll, amongst numerous other operation related responsibilities.

Chad Wierzba

Teacher Trainer

Hailing from Alberta, Canada, Chad graduated from the Universityof Lethbridge with a Bachelor of Education with a primary focus on elementary education, and a secondary focus on drama and physical education. He taught in the Canadian public school system for three years before moving to Taiwan in 2001 to work as an ESL teacher for KNS. Chad is currently our Teacher Trainer, mentoring new teachers in and out of the classroom.

Chad is an experienced teacher & trainer who strives to make teaching an enjoyable & rewarding experience. Presently, his current efforts focus on the development of new teachers, along with the development of new materials that advance the educational experience at KNS. Chad is also an Oral Examiner for Cambridge University Press which gives him insight into the Cambridge testing system which is used at KNS and in Taiwan. In his free time, he likes to spend his time with friends & family. He enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities like, hiking, cycling, playing ultimate Frisbee, and badminton.

Mike McColl

Human Resource Manager

Mike joined KNS in 2016. Prior to joining KNS as a top teaching talent, Mike amassed numerous years of experience in the education sector. During his years of teaching, he earned a promotion to the position of Head Teacher at his previous institution.

As the Human Resources Manager of KNS, Mike's primary responsibilities include cultivating strong partnerships with multiple TEFL organizations on behalf of KNS, recruiting top teaching talent for the school, and facilitating the transition of prospective educators to Taiwan from overseas. On top of his recruitment duties, Mike also assists in many important in-house duties. Mike is responsible for addressing teacher’s concerns, facilitating conflict resolution, while maintaining a part-time teaching schedule. Mike's role as our Human Resources Manager, coupled with his ongoing teaching commitments, ensures that he remains connected to the classroom while effectively handling administrative responsibilities.

Ivan Chou

Business Manager

Joining KNS during May of 2021, after completing his Master's Degree in Data Science at Northeastern University, Ivan has assisted KNS in developing its presence in numerous web based activities, including developing its online learning platform to counter the affects of the most recent pandemic. Prior to joining KNS, Ivan was a graduate researcher at Boston Medical Center, and was responsible for procuring and managing his research division's database.

As the Business Manager at KNS, Ivan's daily responsibilities encompass overseeing KNS's web infrastructure, spearheading projects for the creation of in-house textbooks, and actively seeking innovative avenues to enhance KNS's presence on social media.

Sophia Chang

Personnel and Examination Administrator

Sophia joined the KNS team during 2022. As a diversely skilled individual, Sophia often attributes her workplace competence to her adeptness in decision making. In her professional journey, Sophia was part of a project management team that successfully coordinated and executed projects in a research-based museum located in Kaohsiung city. During 2019, Sophia expanded her professional horizon, and ventured into international diplomacy. She was responsible for hosting a diplomatic event, bringing together Taiwan and St. Lucia. As a host, Sophia showcased her ability to adapt to different diplomatic protocols. Sophia’s experience in event planning and international diplomacy makes her a valuable addition to the KNS team.

As the Personnel and Examination Administrator, Sophia handles personnel related matters, such as: securing work permits, and obtaining residence visas for newly arrived teachers. She is also responsible for organizing KNS’s Cambridge Examinations that are hosted on a periodic basis.

Sandy Lin

Digital Media Specialist

Sandy is a dynamic professional with a passion for self-learning and exploring new spheres of knowledge. Before joining the institute, Sandy began her career in the culinary service industry, where she learned how to integrate traditional culinary processes with the dynamic power of technological innovation. Her newfound passion in technology later lead her to  visual media production, where she was responsible for ensuring efficacy of digital based media production. Sandy graduated from Chaoyang University of Technology with a degree in Communication Arts. Upon graduation, she became a part KNS as the Digital Media Specialist.

As the Digital Media Specialist, Sandy is responsible for managing the institute’s multiple web-based and social media-based presences.