Frequently Asked Questions

How much money should I bring with me initially?

Since your biggest initial expenditure will be in rent, the cost of setting up will vary depending on whether you choose to live alone or with roommates. $NT60000 should be enough to cover the essentials, and you'll need an extra $NT15000 - 20000 for living expenses until your first paycheck comes in. Keep in mind that KNS is happy to offer you an interest free loan of up to $NT50000 if you find yourself short during your initial month.

What is the cost of living in kaohsiung

Generally speaking, the cost of living in Taiwan, and in Kaohsiung in particular, is much lower than in North America. What you spend in a month will vary depending on your living arrangements, lifestyle and entertainment choices, and a number of other factors, but in general, a thrifty person looking to save as much as possible can get by on as little as 20000NT per month, while a big spender might go through 35000 or 40000NT.

What is the accommodation like? Are apartments furnished?

There is a wide range of accommodation choices available and the vast majority of places come furnished. Whether you choose to live alone or with others, you can quickly find something that suits you. A three bedroom, furnished apartment, in a secure building costs anywhere from 12000 to 20000NT per month, while a bachelor pad can be priced anywhere from 8000 to 12000. Most large apartment buildings in Kaohsiung typically come with large courtyards and several amenities, including exercise facilities and game rooms, and in some cases, swimming pools.

Can I rent an apartment within walking distance of the school?

Yes, you can, although it could take longer to find and you may be limiting yourself to fewer choices. Our branches are all located in convenient locations and you stand a pretty good chance of finding something you like fairly close to where you’ll be working. Even if the place you choose to live in isn’t near the school, it’ll still be no more than a five to ten minute scooter ride or fifteen to twenty minute bike ride away.

What will I do for transportation?

Most teachers opt to purchase a scooter. Fully automatic (no shifting) scooters with a one year engine warranty can be had for around 20000NT from a second-hand shop and can be easily resold at the end of your stay. There is also a steady supply of scooters being sold privately by outgoing teachers for less. In addition to allowing you to get around the city more easily, your scooter is your ticket to excursions out of town on weekends.

Kaohsiung is also very bicycle friendly and a growing number of people are getting around this way. In addition, the new MRT system, in conjunction with plenty of public bus routes makes most of the city accessible via public transportation.